Pheed Philadelphia

‘Pheed Philadelphia’ is a soup kitchen program at La Salle University aimed to fighting hunger in the local community.

This student organization works throughout the Philadelphia area and serves food to people in places such as the St. Francis Soup Kitchen, the Face-to-Face program at St. Vincent de Paul Parish and Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission.

Philadelphia is ranked eighth among cities in America where people do not have enough food, which is a huge reason why students like Molly Mahon and Becca Long have been involved since their first days at La Salle.

“I think it’s really good to step off this campus and see what’s going on, like, two miles down the road someone is hungry right now,” Mahon said. “They probably don’t have a meal for tomorrow, either, so to step out of my reality and constantly be reminded of that is something that’s always been interesting to me.”

Pheed Philadelphia students making sandwiches on the union patio.

Pheed Philadelphia students making sandwiches on the union patio.

These students get involved as much as possible. Below is the Pheed Philadelphia schedule for the spring semester. They encourage anyone to get involved with the program.

Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Face to Face [12-2 PM] Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission [5:45-7:45 PM] St. Francis Inn [3:45-7 PM] Face to Face [12-2 PM]Blessed Sarnelli Community [11:45-2:15 PM] Face to Face

[10-2 PM]

“I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to make those in need happier,” said Long.

To get involved with this organization, or if you have any questions, you can contact them via email ( or by checking out their website.


Welcome! What is Cattai’s Corner?

Welcome to Cattai’s Corner!

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It’s going to be a fun time interacting with you all. Hopefully it will be worth your while.

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