Dietary guidelines may actually be the biggest issue for Americans

Jule Ann Henstemburg, a professor at La Salle University and director of La Salle’s nutrition program in the school of nursing and sciences, spoke to a class of about 20 on Tuesday, Apr. 7. Her topic – the issue of dietary guidelines for Americans.

Who says what diet is the best? You could easily search best diets to live healthy on Google right now and you’d get multiple search results.

Here. I’ll do it for you.

There are so many "best diets to live healthy" on the internet.

There are so many “best diets to live healthy” on the internet.

What Henstemburg tried to discuss with the class was that there are no real guidelines to live a healthy life. In fact, she showed the class the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2015 from Right now these guidelines are up for revision, and in the stage where Americans can comment on what they believe is important. They can be found on’s website.

The biggest issue within the new guidelines Hemstemburg discussed was this line, which is highlighted in green in the screen cap below.

A diet lower in red and processed meat can be an issue in our society.

A diet lower in red and processed meat can be an issue in our society. (

So red and processed meat, eh? That’s a huge problem in our society, especially if we don’t know where our meat is coming from. If we aren’t going out and killing, cooking and eating the meat ourselves, how on earth are we supposed to know what we are consuming on a daily basis.

Professor Henstenburg discussed this issue with the class and talked about how not knowing where food is coming from can be a problem in our diets, especially because we don’t know what we are actually eating.

Do you see a problem? I know I do. You can view part of Hemstenburg’s presentation below. (If you have a weak stomach, you have been warned).

You can read the entire executive summary as well as the scientific report on the dietary guidelines here.


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