With obesity rates increasing, Americans need a healthy lifestyle to survive

According to the CDC, more than one-third of adults in the United States are obese or are dealing with obesity. Dr. Goldbacher, a psychology professor La Salle, spoke to an evening class at La Salle about her studies, which include healthy eating patterns and lifestyles.

via Dr. Goldbacher

via Dr. Goldbacher

One of the biggest issues she talked about was whether or not obesity trends are just an instance of will power or just pure laziness or conscious choices.

She also listed some of the behavioral issues listed with obesity:

  • Mindless / unintentional eating
  • Unhelpful eating patterns
  • Sedentary behaviors
  • Unhelpful problem-solving
  • Sensitivity to environmental cues

But what about the issues for those who are obese? Are there certain ways that they can trigger their obesity and get past it? Goldbacher says that the goal is to do some behavioral treatment with these people and that the “target is to lose 8-10% of body weight, which is associated with measurable improvements in health.”

She believes that self-monitoring is a way that people can through obesity. There are several self-monitoring applications on smart phones and computers, such as My Fitness Pal, which is a self-monitoring application that allow people to monitor how much they eat, how healthy the food they’re eating is and to monitor how healthy of a lifestyle that they are living.

The application is so affective that it was bought by Under Armour because of the healthy impact that it has been on humans, enabling them to keep track of their lives. Empowerment is a huge key to making a diet a success. It grows confidence, reduces stress and makes people want to be healthy.

I for one have used this app and it has worked wonders on my life. Goldbacher believes that self-monitoring applications can have a huge impact on people, and I, without a doubt, agree with her.


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