Exploring Nutrition Project not as beneficial as it seems

Over the last few weeks, I tried to find people at in the Olney section of Philadelphia, specifically around La Salle University, to talk about the impact of the Exploring Nutrition Project and how the area has been impacted by it.

My journey to get information was a lot tougher than many people think, especially because of the terrible weather. Not to mention the fact that, a student from La Salle University coming to talk to them at the grocery store or on the street doesn’t seem appealing to them.

Because of the weather, many of the people did not want to talk to me, which was understandable. It was more about ‘let’s get what we need and get home before the snow comes or before the weather gets even worse’.

One man, however, who was in his mid-to-late 20’s, decided to actually walk through Fresh Grocer to discuss everything with me. He was there to get freezer food because it was easier to make, only needing a microwave and “some love from the electric company” as he said.

He talked about how the program has done wonders for the local community, like bring the Fresh Grocer to the area and provide people more-fresh, high-priced food. But he also discussed how stuff like this doesn’t really show how La Salle has impacted the community. His story was much more interesting than getting quotes from elderly men and women, saying that they like the food, just so they can get on with their day… because I had a few of those in the grocery store.

No. His story was impactful, even if it was one man’s opinion. His explanation is more interesting because it takes on an opinion that in contrary from the rest and may actually represent the opinion of a different demographic.

I’ll be completely honest with you, I didn’t think the program made that much of an impact in the community, but that’s because I am used to having an ACME or my mother buying stuff at the butcher and cooking it for me. So it was interesting to see how much of an impact food could have on an area, and more specifically, one person.

Here’s a bit of what they had to say about the impact of the ENP in the area.


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