LGU Program – Corinthian Baptist Church

The Leadership and Global Understanding (LGU) program is an academic minor at La Salle University that “prepares students to become engaged citizens and civic leaders in the local, national, and international communities in which they live, study, and work.


View from outside of the Church.

These students work in various locations throughout the city to be involved with economic, educational, political, and social environments in a dynamic, interpersonal way. These students are part of the community that they serve. Instead of always being the observant in certain areas, LGU students focus on being active participants, which enable them to better grasp the community around them.

“I think that the LGU program is brilliant because it raises essential humanistic questions,” Cody Swan said. “By looking through the lenses of various disciplines, Dr. Allen teaches us how to conceptualize the vast interconnectedness of various socioeconomic, political, and moral issues.”


Another view from outside the Church.

Dr. Allen is not only involved with the LGU program at La Salle, but she also plays a big role with the Exploring Nutrition Program at the University as well, which focuses on feeding the local community.

Both organizations allow students to be involved with service and gaining experiences that they would never get just by sitting in the classroom.

“As we read comprehensive literature and primary documents and speeches relating to activist liberation theology, we are aiming to strengthen ties with these institutions in addition to helping them become more active and far-reaching in their respective missions,” Swan continued.

Swan, along with Karla Fernandez, helps out at Corinthian Baptist Church, which is located at 6100 North 21st Street in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. The two work alongside Pastor Ronald K. Hill at the church, which has been in service since 1900.

Here’s a little history for one of the beacons in Germantown via their website:

“Ground was broken for the present building on October 5, 1958 and through sacrificial giving, the church was able to burn the mortgage in April of 1971. After serving for 27 years, Rev. Newsome retired in 1973. The Associate Minister, Rev.IMG_3609 Charles Adams, assisted the deacons in serving the congregation until June 1974, when Rev. C. L. Pryor was called from Duquesne , PA. Rev. and Mrs. Pryor officially joined Corinthian’s congregation in October 1974 and Rev. Pryor was installed as pastor in November 1974. Rev. Pryor served at Corinthian as Under Shepherd for 33 years until his retirement in October 2007 and Rev. Ronald King Hill became the Interim Pastor until and two years ago become the Pastor.”

Unfortunately, Pastor Hill was unavailable to talk to me over the last few weeks. Swan and Fernandez did inform me that they were in contact with him and their project will be developing over the next few weeks.

However, you can find out more information about Corinthian Baptist Church and their different services and ministries by going to their website.


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